The matha is able to function smoothly because of the large support base that it has in the form of volunteers which contribute their skill, effort and hard work to various initiatives being operated by the matha. The volunteers selflessly serve everyone coming to the matha in search of any type of help needed to make life better. Many of these volunteers are full time members of the matha. However, you are likely to come across many members who have a well-paying white collared job and still continue to be associated to the matha as a volunteer. This is because, working with the matha, they are able to do their bit for the society and serve the community.

For those of you, who are yearning to be a part of a process that allows you to do your bit for the community, volunteering in the matha projects is the perfect opportunity. You can be a part of the team by sending in your application to the matha. Once you subscribe, the matha will keep you updated with the various initiatives being undertaken from time to time and you will be invited to contribute your support, wherever possible.