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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a licence to use my boat on the regatta lake?

No, boat licences are not needed if you are just using the lake. If, however, you want to train or practise on the River Trent you must ensure your boat is licenced for use on Canal and River Trust waters.

Can my crew use the course on the Saturday evening?

No, the lake will not be open on the Saturday evening for crews wishing to practise. The Nottingham City Regatta racing schedule is likely to continue into the early evening which does not then leave enough time for a practice session.

Can we have a practice outing on the course during racing?

No, this is not possible. You can go for an outing on the River Trent if you wish but you must make sure you have an appropriate boat licence (see above).

Can my crew double up?

Yes of course. Many crews do two events; some even do three or four although you are not allowed to do more than four events. The order of events as shown on the poster will be adhered to though so whilst every effort will be made to accommodate doubling up you must remember it is at your risk (see the Masters Championships Rules). For example if you double up in events 42 and 43 (M B2x and M D4x) we might not be able to give you enough time between races.

Can you adjust the racing programme to fit in with my travelling arrangements?

This is not normally possible because of the impact on other crews who may be doubling up and who may have chosen their events specifically to fit in with the published order of racing. Racing is provisionally expected to be from 08:00 to 18:30 (depending on entries) and you should make travel arrangements to fit around these times. In particular please check train and flight times to make sure you are on a late enough train or flight to fit in with the racing schedule. A rough idea of when the Open and Women’s Championship races will be run can be found by looking at last year’s programme.

Can I use the British Rowing On-Line Entry system to enter?

Yes. All entries must be put in via the BROE. You can pay by credit card via the BROE or payments can be made by post if you prefer (cheque payable to BR Masters).

Can I pay on the day?

No. The Entries Secretary must receive all entry fees by the closing date shown on the poster. No payment – no entry!

Is my British Rowing membership insurance valid at the event?

The BR membership insurance is only valid for UK residents who are resident in this country for more than six months in a year.

How do we use the BR On-Line Entry system if we’re a new club or an overseas club/crew?

If your club isn’t listed in the BR On-Line Entry system (either because it’s a new club or an overseas club) please contact British Rowing on +44 20 8237 6700 to arrange access. All non-BR crews must be members of their home Association/Federation and must bring some form of identification with them. They should also make sure they have appropriate personal insurance in place.

If I get an e-mail from BROE saying my entry has been accepted does that mean I’ve definitely got a race in that event?

No. It just means the entry has been ‘accepted’ within BROE by the Entries Secretary. This is done if there are no problems with the entry and full payment has been received.

How will you contact me or my club if there are any queries about my entry?

Automatic e-mails from BROE will be sent to the club administrator that put the entries in. If we need to contact you we will use the same e-mail addresses and phone numbers that are set up in BROE for your administrators so you should make sure their contact details are entered correctly. If you have given us your personal e-mail address or phone number we may also use that to contact you.

What happens if there are more than 6 entries in my event?

There will be heats and possibly semi-finals to determine the crews that will race in the final. The order of heats and semi-finals will be the same as that for the finals. See the ‘Progression System’ link on the left for full details.

What happens if there are 7 entries in my event?

One of the crews will be drawn randomly and will receive a bye to the final. The other 6 crews will race a heat in which the first 5 go through to the final.

How do Novice, Intermediate 3 and Mixed events fit into the racing programme?

Heats and Finals for the Open and Women’s Championship events are run in the order shown on the poster. Mixed, Novice, Intermediate 3, Masters H, I and J events are then slotted into the main racing programme taking into account, where possible, doubling up of people and equipment. We do try to accommodate doubling, tripling and even quadrupling up so it is very important that the names of your crew members are correct and you let us know if you are sharing equipment.

Do we have to turn up for heats if we know crews have dropped out beforehand and all the remaining crews now go through to the final?

Yes. The only fair way is for all crews to turn up for their heats. A decision might be made by the Organizers at that stage to cancel the heat but that will not be done in advance.

What happens if all the crews except one drop out of an event?

If possible we will contact the remaining crew to advise them of the fact. It is then their decision whether to row-over and collect the medals or not to race (in which case they won’t get the medals). We are unable to refund any entry fees however if this does happen.

What happens if there are no other entries for my event?

If you think your event won’t get many entries (e.g. H1x, W A8+, etc.) then you could specify an alternative choice of event on your entry form. For example just add a note saying something like “If there are no G4+ we’ll do G4-“. If we still can’t find a race for you then we’ll try to arrange a handicapped race. The ‘Championship Rules’ pages on this website outline how the Masters Handicap System will be used for ‘Championship’ and ‘Intermediate 3’ events. The Handicap system will not be used for ‘Novice’ events but adjacent age categories may be merged. For example single entries in Masters D NOV 1x and Masters E NOV 1x would be merged to make a race which would be run as Masters D NOV 1x without the handicap.
It does help a lot if you are able to specify an alternative choice of event when you put your entry in. If all else fails we’ll try to ring you up to find something you can do!

Can two crews share a boat, blades or a coxswain?

Yes. As long as you tell us what you are doing we can take it into account.

Can I hire a boat at the venue?

No, not directly. The Masters Championships itself doesn’t organise boat hire for visiting crews (because most of our competitors bring their own) but, in the past, local clubs have helped out considerably with hiring out boats. The following local clubs can be approached for equipment hire for visiting crews:-

How do you organize the handicapped races?

These races are organized following the guidelines in the British Rowing Almanack. See the ‘Standard Times’ page on this website for further details and for the Standard Times that are used by the Masters Championships.

Is it possible to move to a different event after we’ve seen the draw?

No. It’s not possible to move crews after the draw has been published unless we have made a genuine mistake.

If I don’t like my race time after I’ve seen the draw will you be able to move it for me?

No. It’s not fair on other competitors to start moving races to suit an individual once the draw has been published. It is also very difficult logistically to move a race when races are being run even four minutes. We would only do so as a last resort if we had made a mistake and there was no alternative.

What happens if you cannot arrange anything for my crew or me?

You will be given a full refund.

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