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Championship Rules

  1. The Masters Championships are conducted under the Rules of British Rowing and the British Rowing Rules of Racing and are open to Clubs affiliated to Federations that are members of FISA.
  2. All competitors must comply with Row Safe: A Guide to Good Practice in Rowing and the Regatta Safety Instructions. Crews must comply with the Traffic Flow Rules, which apply over the whole of the 2000m course. No practising is allowed before racing starts. No practice starts are allowed on the course, after racing has begun.
  3. In the event that the Regatta is cancelled for reasons beyond its control entry fees will not be returned.
  4. All entries must be put in via the British Rowing On-Line Entry System by the time and date shown on the poster. The appropriate entry fee must also be paid by the time and date shown on the poster either on-line or by post.
  5. All competitors must bring their Racing Licences to the Regatta (or equivalent for non-BR crews).
  6. A competitor without appropriate documentation MAY be allowed to race but must produce that documentation within 48 hours of the end of racing to the Entries Secretary. Any medals or trophies won will be retained by the Organizing Committee until such times as the documentation is produced. Failure to produce the documentation will cause the crew/crews to be disqualified and any medals awarded to the next crew accordingly. Entries to future Masters Championships may also be refused.
  7. A crew that withdraws from an event after entries have closed will still be liable for the entry fee.
  8. If all crews except one withdraw from an event after the draw the remaining crew will still be liable for the entry fee and must row over the course to receive any prize.
  9. Where more than six entries are received for an event the Progression System shown on the Masters Championships website will be used to determine the number of Heats and Semi-Finals and the number of crews that will qualify for the Final.
  10. If an individual event, or the whole regatta, is oversubscribed individual entries will be returned on a ‘last in first out’ basis, with preference being given to ‘Championship’ and then ‘Novice’ entries, to reduce the number of races. Intermediate 3 entries will be moved to ‘Championship’ if possible before being returned.
  11. The order of events advertised on the Regatta Poster will, in general, be adhered to for Heats and Finals although the Organizing Committee does reserve the right to alter the order of events if necessary. Events for categories not included in the schedule will be incorporated to suit competitors as far as possible.
  12. No individual may enter more than three events and no boat shall be used for more than three events each day. The Timetable of Racing will not be adjusted to accommodate problems associated with multiple entries.
  13. Crews or individuals entered in more than one event, or who are sharing equipment, or who are unable or unwilling to comply with the Programme of Racing may withdraw from an event but will forfeit the entry fees for that event.
  14. Masters Intermediate 3 is for Masters crews whose points count is applicable to Intermediate 3 as determined in the British Rowing Rules of Racing. In addition individual rowers who have won a gold medal at the Championships, in the relevant discipline, at any level other than Novice or who have 4 or more points are not allowed to enter Intermediate 3 events. This restriction does not apply to coxswains.
  15. Masters Intermediate 3 and the ‘normal’ Masters events may be combined if there are insufficient entries in either category.
  16. Where appropriate the Masters Handicap System will be used in accordance with the Operating Notes in the British Rowing Almanack.
  17. The Masters Handicap system will not be used for Masters Novice events. The age categories in these events may be combined to make up races.
  18. If there are no entries at Championship level but there is an event at Intermediate 3 then the Intermediate 3 race will be classed as ‘Championship’ and will run at the relevant time in the programme. Similarly if there are no entries at Championship or Intermediate 3 but there is a race at Novice then it will be classed as ‘Championship’.
  19. There will be no provision for ‘Saturday Winners’ in the draw. Masters Intermediate 3 and Masters Novice crews that win another event between entering and racing may make themselves ineligible to race.
  20. Winners of all events will receive Gold Championship Medals. Silver Medals will be awarded to runners-up in events with four or more entries. Bronze Medals will be awarded to the third placed crew in events with six or more entries.
  21. The British Rowing Masters Championships’ website is
  22. The decision of the Organizing Committee of the Championships on any aspect of the Regatta operation will be final.


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