Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation

With a vision to convert the spiritual thinking into well being of society we formed an organisation in 1998 with name “Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation”. This foundation works as the hub for various social activities carried on for nourishing the lives of mass and taking humanity to next level. Currently there are approximately 15 activities carried on by the foundation serving various stages of society.

The foundation is continuously working towards creating awareness and making people to participate in the activites of mass social benefit. It’s activities are spread over the areas of Mumbai, New Mumbai, Konkan and Goa.

Below are the few vivid activities carried on by Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation:
1. Health for all- Siddhagiri Hospital & Research Centre….
2. Paradigm shift in Educational field- project for children of village schools….
3. Rejuvenation of agriculture – organic farming….
4. Food for all – “Nirantar Annachhatram”….
5. Rehabilitation of environment – various activities for nourishing the environment….

1. Health for all- Siddhagiri Hospital & Research Centre: Link to Hospital website

2. Paradigm shift in Educational field- project for children of village schools
Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation (SGF) has come up with a new project by name ‘Anandashram’ recently at Siddhagiri math, Kolhapur and Parali, Sajjangad at Satara. The children who are interested in education but can’t afford educational expenses due their economical, social and family barriers are inspired to get educated in this ashram. The facilities by the ashram include basic facilities like food, shelter and clothing. The day begins with shanti prayers and Stotras at a dawn. Chanting followed by Yog practice provides the energy to start off the day with full of enthusiasm and excitement. After the nutritious breakfast, English and Mathematics subjects are taught by the experienced tutors. Later they are sent to the Kadsiddheshwar Highschool for further studies. In the evening, children perform their homework and play after that. Weekly twice they are trained by Music teachers. The day ends with prayers and children go to sleep.
Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation (SGF) is supporting a Primary & Secondary School at Kaneri, Dist. Kolhapur, imparting education to poor students from the vicinity villages.
SGF is successfully promoting a Primary-Secondary School at Sangameshwar, Dist. Ratnagiri.
SGF has been adopting deserving students from the vicinity villages every year, who have no source to mitigate the educational expenses.
SGF has been felicitating the scholar students from Xth, Xllth & Graduate level among the devotee families and villages around the Math.
SGF has been regularly conducting BAL-CHETNA & YUVA-CHETNA courses, which are helpful for personality development. These courses trains the youth to become the responsible and patriotic citizens.
Math conducts Dharma – Chintan shibirs where Masters in spiritual areas preach young and old. The debates on many dharma concepts beget many ideologies and practical solutions. Participants attempt to implement these solutions in their daily lives and try to achieve the work life balance.

3. Rejuvenation of agriculture – organic farming
Math promotes organic farming. Fertilizers with chemicals and pesticides are avoided. Goumutra and gomaya are mixed together and used as fertilizers for the fields. Math also provides training to the farmers to help them in performing organic farming. Free organic seed donation programs are conducted.
Jaggery is a Natural Sweetener and contains Glucose, Minerals, Calcium, Vitamins, Iron, Phosphorous, Protein, Copper and many more. Jaggery is a Traditional Accompaniment of Indian meal and is also used for preparation of various sweet dishes (Instead of Sugar). This product is organically prepared and there is no chemical used in the preparation. It is good health food and a good replacement for sugar. The product is available in 1KG form at Siddhagiri Math.
SGF has taken up a task of mass cultivation of Herbal Plantation in the land ad-measuring approx. 100 acres around the Math area.

4. Food for all – “Nirantar Annachhatram”-Everyday free food serving to all at math

5. Rehabilitation of environment – various activities for nourishing the environment

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